Greater Hume Radio Incorporated is a community based radio station committed to providing a local voice to the residents of the Greater Hume Shire.

Being community based, our entire operations are maintained by a group of passionate volunteers who do anything from presenting a program to maintaining broadcasting equipment and bookkeeping.

Why should I volunteer at 2GHR?
To ignite a passion for music and entertainment
Providing the community with diversification in the local media scenery
A good place to use your trained practical skills

What kind of jobs are available with 2GHR?

We are always looking for a wide range of people to join our organisation…some of the roles available should you like to become a volunteer include:

  • On Air Presenting
  • Production of Station & Program Identifiers/Sponsorship Announcements
  • Sponsorship Sales Consultants
  • Archival (Maintainence of logged audio)
  • Account Keeping (Financial, Licensing, Membership)
  • Technical Maintainence (Computers, Transmitters, Website)
  • Promotional
  • Management Committee

What are some of the advantages of working with 2GHR?

  • The ability to learn and develop skills within the Broadcasting Industry
  • Practical experience for those already trained in the Broadcasting
  • Kudos of being involved in a Community Organisation
  • Personal satisfaction of being able to serve the Community

If you have read this and are keen to become a member, you can contact us on (02) 6036 3428 or fill in the form below to get in touch.

Volunteer Contact Form

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